SFA teams up with Gatorade Sports and Science Institute for webinar series on sports nutrition

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The threeday Zoom series will focus on hydration, fuel, and recovery, with expert information and practical advice for sport enthusiasts 

The Saudi Sports for All Federation will team up with the Gatorade Sports and Science Institute to host a webinar series on sports nutrition. 

The webinar will take place on Zoom across three days, from July 27 to July 29, focusing on the core topics of ‘Hydration’, ‘Fuel’, and ‘Recovery’. Each session will last for 40-45 minutes and discuss the basic science of sports nutrition and practical advice for trainers. Attendees will tackle discussions around the impact of food on performance, the asses their fluid intake needs, the importance of recovery and more.   

Day one – Hydration for Health and Performance – will highlight the importance of water in the human body, with subjects such as water turnover, the importance and implications of sweating during exercise, and how to assess athletes’ hydration status and fluid intake needs.  

On day two – Fuel for Exercise – viewers will learn how exercise performance is fueled by the food you eat. The role of carbohydrates will be explained, with guidelines on daily intake. Recommendations will be translated into food choices for trainers to use with their athletes. 

The final day – Recovery nutrition – will look at how athletic success is dependent on a positive response to training programs and the ability to perform well repeatedly. It will cover the fundamentals of recovery nutrition and give recommendations on the type, quantity, and timing of nutrient intake. The importance of sleep will also be discussed.  

Sessions will be held in English with Arabic subtitle translations. There will be time for questions and answers each day, and resources on each topic will be shared. Viewers will also be issued with a certificate of attendance for each of the three days.  

The sessions will be presented by a principal scientist at PepsiCo R&D Life Sciences, Dr. Ian Rollo. As well as an illustrious academic career – which includes clinical research projects to develop novel technology to support athletic performance – Dr. Rollo has worked as a professional soccer and rugby consultant and currently provides nutritional support for FC Barcelona and Manchester City.  

Register for the webinar HERE  

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