GGWCUP 2024 Finals will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, by the Saudi Sports for All Federation, marking the first time that the country has hosted the Global Goals World Cup Finals.

The stage is set in Riyadh for a mix of cultures and a celebration of sportsmanship! Local Saudi Arabian teams will be joined by international teams from Norway, Denmark, Colombia, Nigeria, Egypt and GCC teams in the 2024 Global Goals World Cup Finals. 

Prepare to witness how the power of the game for the Global Goals inspires communities around the world.

What is GGWCUP

GGWCUP is a football tournament for women. This initiative aims to encourage women around the world to play sports. The Global Goals World Cup is described as the “World Cup for Community Good,” as it brings together many women from all over the world, united by a passion for sporting activity and a drive to create a sustainable social impact. Motivated by a combination of a love of sport and a desire to improve the quality of life in local communities, this global initiative leverages the power and influence of sport to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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GGWCUP 2021 Saudi Arabia Finale

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Kafo Team at the GGWCUP Finale In Iceland

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GGWCUP 2021 Announcement

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The Saudi Greens Team at the GGWCup

Global Goals Q&A

Launched in 2015, GGWCUP is described as the ‘social good world cup’, featuring all-women community-level teams from around the world – united by a drive to create meaningful social impact and a love of physical activity. The initiative uses the power of sport to take action on the UN’s 17 SDGs; motivated by a love of the game and the desire to improve local communities.

Currently, you can only register as a team. Encourage your friends and family to join you for a unique experience. Women of all athletic abilities are invited to participate in the GGWCUP
Each game is six minutes and each team will play a minimum of three games before the semifinals and the final.
Some teams will have football experience, some will not have any experience at all – and that’s part of the game when playing in a GGWCup. It’s also why winning a game only counts ¼ of the points given
We welcome all residents of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries to register for the GGWCUP

You will be scored on 4 elements: Your community service initiatives, crowd engagement, costumes, and football scores during the tournament (Click here to learn more)

The finals will be hosted in Jeddah later this fall
The Global Goals are also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In September 2015 World Leaders committed to the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development to work toward a better world for everyone.

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