Before every success story... movement.

For thousands of years, movement has been intertwined with our culture and the nature of our lives. Our ancestors had extraordinary capabilities and adapted to the harsh realities of life, relying entirely on various activities such as walking, running, and riding camel sand horses. These activities played a significant role in maintaining their high fitness levels. Despite the scorching sun and the toughness of life in the Arabian Peninsula, our ancestors chose to make movement a healthy lifestyle pattern to build the future of the kingdom.

Because all the pivotal events and motivating emotions that brought us to where we are today in the kingdom and in our lives began with movement, today we say to you: Movement is the beginning!

Movement is the beginning of passion.

Movement is the beginning of success.

Movement is the beginning of history.

Movement is the beginning of the world.

Movement is the beginning of the story.

Movement is the beginning of inspiration

Our youth are the essence of our vision, and their beginnings shape our future.

Here, we showcase inspiring stories of those who chose to start and make a difference, dedicating their efforts to building a sports-oriented and healthy community. Among them are those who utilized their expertise and time to educate children and instill a love for movement in them. Some founded teams or challenged the community, while others contributed to the Saudi Sports for All Federation, realizing their dreams and driving toward development and continuity.

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