SFA to host Certified Leadership Course aimed at developing sport sector professionals across Saudi Arabia

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The 5-week course will train leaders and managers from the Kingdom’s sports sector, covering topics including strategy development, gender equity, and marketing and PR

The Saudi Sports for All Federation will host a specialized leadership course throughout August, designed to help professionals in the sports sector strengthen their work in the Sport for All movement.

The TAFISA Certified Leadership Course will take place twice per week for five weeks, developing and training sports leaders and managers across Saudi Arabia, who will be able to take their learnings back to their organizations and enhance their contribution to the goals of the SFA.

There are 50 spaces on the course, which will take place on Zoom starting August 2, covering topics such as event management, marketing and public relations, strategy development, gender equity, tourism, and more.

Confirmed speakers include Professor Anneliese Goslin – University of Pretoria and International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education executive board member; Peter Barendse – TAFISA board member and TAFISA Europe chair; Stanley Mutoya – CEO of the African Union Sports Council Region 5; Keri McDonald – TAFISA business development and fundraising manager; Wolfgang Baumann, TAFISA secretary general; and Finn Berggren, TAFISA special advisor and Gerlev International advisor.

Applicants should be professionals, administrators or managers of sports organizations, government areas, national or local public authorities, Olympic committees, NGOs, or board members involved at the volunteer level.

Participants will be divided into groups of 5-7 people, each of whom will be assigned a mentor. The groups will be asked to create an SFA project, program or event, using the group sessions as guidance by analyzing needs, setting priorities, defining their program or event, exploring leadership, and developing a comprehensive strategy.

Attendees will receive a CLC certificate after giving a group presentation in front of other groups and a jury of mentors and lecturers.

TAFISA (The Association For International Sport for All) has rolled out CLCs around the world in recent years to promote Sports for All and physical activity and develop and train leaders within the sports sector.

To apply for a place on the course, please visit the link here.

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