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Who we are

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is the main body responsible for developing community sports in the Kingdom and is mandated to achieve the Vision 2030 target of raising physical activity levels in Saudi Arabia.

Our mission

Building a healthy and vibrant community by inspiring all members of society to be physically active. We deliver this by creating inclusive recreational and sustainable programs.

Our Vision

The SFA was established as a dynamic and proactive organization to drive community sports in the Kingdom.


SFA created as a dedicated organisation to drive community sports
The SFA was granted a mandate to lead on the Ministry of Sports’ community sports initiatives under the Quality of Life Program.
The SFA developed a focused 5-year strategy to drive community sports in the Kingdom.

Message from our leadership

The Saudi Sports for All Federation is privileged to work towards a healthier and more active Saudi Arabia. Our new Sports for All strategy is another milestone in this rewarding journey.

With this strategy document, we have created a clear roadmap to reach out to our audiences and meet their specific needs while encouraging them to have more active lifestyles. This document will explain our efforts to reach all communities and society members, encouraging them to a health-first mindset.

We are also increasing our reach through global and local partnerships, working with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to a healthy, happy, and more physically active nation.

We have always sought to create initiatives that offer measurable results that work towards the goals of Saudi Vision 2030. Our new strategy extends this commitment encouraging our teams and stakeholders to demonstrate social and economic returns on investment.

From playgrounds and sports arenas, to homes and backyards, we want to build and sustain a more active Saudi Arabia. We are immensely proud of our communities and will join them in action as we play more, exercise more, and move towards a healthy, active community.,


HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed

Meaningful positive change requires a bold and integrated approach. Research shows a positive link between physical activity and health, which in turn leads to improved economic activity and better quality of life.​

The new Sports for All strategy lays out the framework for a healthier and more physically active Saudi Arabia. Inclusivity is a central pillar of our strategy, with initiatives designed for critical age groups and demographics.​

The strategy embodies a collaborative and holistic approach, as we work with partners and stakeholders across the public and private sectors to create impactful initiatives that get people moving and keep them active in the long term.​

Our Sports for All strategy creates a clear roadmap supporting the Quality of Life Program, as well as Saudi Vision 2030 ambitions and aspirations. Our approach is backed by transparency and accountability. We will measure the social return on investment on our initiatives to ensure that we are helping create a healthier, involved, dynamic and economically active community.​

I call on our audiences, partners, teams, and all stakeholders to join us, as we make regular physical activity part of everyone’s lives.                                                  


Shaima Saleh Alhusseini 


To build an active nation and achieve Vision 2030 objective of increasing physical activity levels of the population
The Quality of Life VRP Program is supporting MoS to achieve this objective by funding 3 key community sport initiatives

Why is a National Sports Strategy needed?

Physical activity has been scientifically proven to positively impact the social, economic and overall health of the community. In developing programs and initiatives to boost physical activity rates across the Kingdom, we are working towards building a healthier and happier society through physical activity and sports. The impact of a national sports strategy cascades across all sectors of society.
Obesity Rates
35.7% of adults in Saudi were obese in 2016 and this has been increasing at a rate of 2% per annum since 2012
* Obesity defined as BMI ≥30 Aged ≥18 years

Physical activity insights

Prevalence of diabetes amongst adults in 2019
35.7% of adults in Saudi were obese in 2016 and this has been increasing at a rate of 2% per annum since 2012

Key insights from our research

Our strategy is participant-focused to ensure opportunities are provided at every stage of life


Under 18

Ensure that youth meet the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 60 mins of daily physical activity by providing quality programs inside and outside of schools.



Provide engaging opportunities inside and outside of universities and promote the social aspect of physical activity.



Incentivize physical activity at work and support community and home programs.



Promote the health benefits of physical activity and provide suitable programs.


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