Day 2 of the Mummy and Me workout series with Coach Haya Sawan shows you how to make exercising with your little one a whole lot of fun

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Coach Haya starts with a fun workout that she recommends doing the sequence for approximately three minutes, but of course you know your child’s abilities and energy levels.

The first exercise is kick overs. Height-permitting, have your child stand directly in front of you and swing your leg over. If your child is too tall (and when it is their turn to do the move), keep the knee bent at a 90-degree angle and swing your leg over in the same motion.

Next, drop to the floor for the caterpillar high five. This builds on one of the exercises in the previous and really tests your strength! Once you’ve walked out on her hands, add a push up before doing the high fives. If you’re not able to manage the push up, you can lower yourself to your knees to make it a bit easier. Roll onto your back for bicycle crunches – great for activating the upper abdominals, which your little one should be able to manage without too much trouble.

Grab a pillow for the next move – because you’re going to need a prop and a bit of coordination. Working through a series of jumps, Coach Haya makes it fun by incorporating a game of catch. You’ll work on your lower body while helping your little one to improve their concentration. Their agility will be tested with the next exercise. Point in a direction and have them run to it. Keep changing direction to keep them on their toes. Finally improve your balance by standing on one leg and bending slowly to pick an object up off the floor.

Finally, settle into a series of stretches to cool down and finish the workout.

Stay tuned for episode three for our final episode in this series with more fun and fitness not to be missed!

The Mummy and Me three-episode workout series was performed live for the Women’s Fitness Festival staged by the Saudi Sports for All Federation and supported by the Quality of Life program

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