Simple and effective stretches for the workaholic

Combat desk life with these six easy and relaxing techniques    Find yourself sitting still at your laptop for too long? We are right there with you! The majority of us have fallen into a sedentary lifestyle. Whether it be at our desk job, classroom, behind the wheel, or in front of the TV screen, […]

Sports for All Series Part I: Video exercises for your best home workout

Getting fit is easy with these tutorials The time has come to take charge of getting fit and active! Just a few minutes of exercise daily provides a myriad of physical and mental plusses. You’ll need to start with a few simple stretches to loosen up, and maybe a few minutes of jogging in place […]

Get hydrated for your health

Seven reasons to drink more water (Share this quick and easy read with your friends and family who just don’t drink enough water.) Many of us simply aren’t hydrating enough, but it is a straightforward equation.  Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water, and you can survive much longer without food […]

Harnessing meditation for physical and mental health

Taking a short daily time out boosts you mentally and physically Meditation, one of the older forms of self-care, has become on-trend over the past two decades, and even more so over the past few years with the surge of mindfulness. For most people, the biggest challenges of meditating are twofold: truly clearing your mind […]

Boost your workout with a playlist for every mood

Choose your streaming platform, your tunes and go! Looking to work out, but have yet to find the perfect playlist? We’ve got you covered. We are sharing some of our favorite playlists available via different streaming sites to keep you motivated during your next workout. Our choices on Anghami The Perfect 60 Min Workout It’s cardio […]