Simple and effective stretches for the workaholic

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Combat desk life with these six easy and relaxing techniques   

Find yourself sitting still at your laptop for too long? We are right there with you! The majority of us have fallen into a sedentary lifestyle. Whether it be at our desk job, classroom, behind the wheel, or in front of the TV screen, we find ourselves seated more often than not.

Overtime, we can start to feel achy and stiff, and the attachment to our phones is not doing our neck any favors either. The term “tech neck” has been coined to define the unnatural forward bend of our neck when we check our phones. But don’t worry, relief is just a few stretches away.

Take a few minutes at your desk or in your living room to stretch out, we promise you’ll feel the difference! Check out six videos featuring professionals who will help guide you:

Shoulder flossing exercise

Stretch out your neck

Stretch out your shoulders

Stretch out your wrists

Stretch out your lower back

Stretch out your hip flexors

Stretch out your quads

Try to incorporate some of these stretches into your daily routine to help keep prevent any future stiffness and keep your body feeling good! Have a few extra minutes and want to tackle stress as well? Then take a few deep breaths and try out mindfulness meditation.

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