Boost your workout with a playlist for every mood

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Choose your streaming platform, your tunes and go!

Looking to work out, but have yet to find the perfect playlist? We’ve got you covered. We are sharing some of our favorite playlists available via different streaming sites to keep you motivated during your next workout.

Our choices on Anghami

The Perfect 60 Min Workout

It’s cardio day and you are looking for some uplifting tunes to keep your energy up. The Perfect 60 min Workout playlist includes music from different big-name artists and obscure artists alike: Calvin Harris, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Phoenix, and much more. Click here for the Perfect 60 Min Workout playlist


It seems that today’s biggest hits are a collaboration between Khaleeji artists and the composer Saham. This playlist takes care of the searching and sorting for you. Hit play and move to music from Rabeh Saqer, Assala Nassri, Ismaeel Mubarak, and more. Click here for the full playlist 

Our choices on Apple Music

Tarab Workout

If you love to hum along to the mesmerizing tunes of Arab icons Abdel Halim Hafez and Warda, this playlist is for you. The Tarab Workout playlist is perfect for when you’re in the mood for some classics. Click here for the Tarab Workout playlist 

90s Workout

The 90s kids feeling nostalgic for the good old days will love Apple’s curated playlist with the biggest hits from the turn of the century. Listen to some Spice Girls, Blink-182, and maybe some Dr. Dre. Not a fan of the 90s music scene? Apple Music has curated playlists for every decade! Click here for the 90s Workout playlist

Our choices on Spotify

Beast Mode

Get in the zone with Marshawn Lynch’s playlist. He included tracks form Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones, E-40 and others to help you stay focused. Unlike standard gym playlists, this one isn’t packed with high-intensity pop hits. Check out this playlist when hitting the weights, warming up, or are feeling like something a little more mellow. Click here for the Nike Beast Mode playlist

Fitness Araby

Spotify created this 50-song playlist, which includes remixes from Tamer Hosny, Nancy Ajram and Joseph Attieh, to get you moving! You can work out for a long time without listening to the same song twice. Click here for the Fitness Araby playlist

Hop onto your favorite streaming service, hit play, and kill that workout!

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