Five ways to improve your sleep quality

Sleep experts agree that these simple tips help you get a better night’s rest Falling asleep often seems elusive with all the daily stressors of modern life. That being said, getting a goodnight’s sleep is not completely out of your hands. Sleep experts have mapped out simple suggestions to help promote better sleep quality. Here […]

Three types of must-try home workout videos

World famous trainers are sharing amazing workouts on YouTube targeting all fitness levels Do you want to work out at home but don’t know where to start? YouTube has thousands of workout videos targeting all fitness levels! World class trainers share every type of workout imaginable online, and most of them have helpful tips on […]

Four apps that help you get fit and stay active

Make the most out of your home workout regimen using your device There is an extensive library of fitness resources available at the tap of your screen to facilitate your workouts anytime and anywhere.  We are sharing some of our favorite fitness apps to help keep you motivated. Make the most out of your home […]

Five foods that will help boost your run

Boosting your performance with nutritious habits has never been so easy Our diets play a major role in overall health and athletic performance. Looking to boost your running performance? Check out these five nutrient-dense foods to incorporate into your diet. Bananas Snack on a banana to heighten your afternoon run! Bananas are a great source […]

Tips to help reduce and prevent muscle soreness after a workout

Four easy steps you can take to reduce and prevent post-workout aches You have just finished a killer workout. You are sure that you are going to wake up sore tomorrow.  While it is satisfying to feel some soreness, it is inconvenient to be waddling around the office or school the next day because your […]