Three types of must-try home workout videos

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World famous trainers are sharing amazing workouts on YouTube targeting all fitness levels

Do you want to work out at home but don’t know where to start? YouTube has thousands of workout videos targeting all fitness levels! World class trainers share every type of workout imaginable online, and most of them have helpful tips on how to best achieve your fitness goals. The best part? There’s typically no equipment needed other than a device to play videos on. See you on the mat!

1. For those starting out: 10 or 20 minute beginner routines

These 10 and 20 minute videos by Pamela Reif are targeted at beginners and require no equipment! Simple movements and repetitions work out a number of muscle groups and get your heart rate going. A plus? After doing this workout a few times, you will notice that you’re much smoother transitioning. This is a result of muscle memory and getting acquainted with the steps.

10 minute workout: 

20 minute workout: 

2. For those who like a challenge: 30 minute full body burner routine

Celebrity trainer Kit Rich develops videos that showcase different intensity levels in the same frame. This 30 minute “full body burner” routine is definitely for those that enjoy a fitness challenge and focuses on cardio and toning. Kit gives tips throughout the workout, helping you refine your movements and get closer to the correct poses.

3. For the thrill-seekers: The martial arts inspired routines

For those who seek an exciting and action-packed physical experience, famous Tae Bo® instructor Billy Blanks’ “Official Punch Out” is both time-friendly and fun. Best known for his expertise at blending fitness and physicality, Billy gets you motivated and moving with precision movements that quite literally pack a punch! Try out these videos with eight and 20 minute options. Don’t have dumbbells? Substitute soup cans or water bottles.

Eight minute workout: 

20 minute workout: 

There’s almost nothing better than the self of accomplishment you feel after completing a workout. Whether you’re just starting out or already do advanced high intensity interval training, its easy to maintain with a solid playlist of YouTube videos by these pros! Try it out for yourself and make it a family activity at home.

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