Four apps that help you get fit and stay active

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Make the most out of your home workout regimen using your device

There is an extensive library of fitness resources available at the tap of your screen to facilitate your workouts anytime and anywhere.  We are sharing some of our favorite fitness apps to help keep you motivated. Make the most out of your home workouts with these apps available for Android and iOS devices!

  1. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Developed by a personal trainer, the Daily Workouts Fitness trainer app offers targeted workouts and randomized full body workouts.  There are videos of fitness instructors demonstrating each exercise, with supplementary directions written below. One of the cool features of the app? A timer that counts down with each exercise.

Free download for iOS or Android

  1. Nike Run Club

Love to run? The Nike Run Club app is perfect for you! Sleekly designed, this app provides you with helpful tools to achieve a better all around performance. Its features include GPS run tracking, audio-guided runs, and custom challenges to keep you motivated. Another plus? Easily access music and Nike playlists through the app to choose a soundtrack for your treks. If your friends have the app, you are able to challenge one another and compete remotely.

Free download for iOS or Android

  1. Seven Minute Workout

Never seem to find the time to work out? The Seven Minute Workout app is a lifesaver. The premise is around challenging you to a seven-minute daily workout tailored specifically to your fitness goals with no gym equipment needed!  A unique feature of the app is that allows you to choose an instructor of your liking, whether you are looking for a drill sergeant or a cheerleader.

Subscriptions for iOS or Android at SR 37.50 per month or SR 225.20 per year

  1. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is an app for seasoned yogis and beginners alike. It develops a program based on your level, your fitness needs, and your schedule. Once you have outlined your goals, you are able to access videos with an instructor guiding you through the movements. There is a smart coach feature that develops a customized plan without the searching and filtering. Choose from practices designed by renowned yogis from all over the world or take a few minutes and choose from the meditation programs.

Stream Daily Yoga on iOS or Android  for SR 187.65 per year

Getting active from home is achievable, and with videos, suggestions, music and even competitive options, it is enjoyable too! Use your device to narrow down your fitness goals and keep track of your progress. Grab your phone and download one today!

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