Summer Camp episode 9: Keep your core engaged in this workout with Coach Saad!

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Coach Saad starts the penultimate 20-minute workout with his warmup and stretching sequence. Make sure your little ones follow along to avoid any injuries during the workout.

The warmup begins with in-outs, which means alternating swinging your legs forwards and backwards without lifting your feet too much off the floor. This exercise also gets the heart rate up and keeps it up. Next, Coach Saad performs a series of squats, which strengthen the core and the muscles in the lower body.

The workout is a series of four exercises repeated once. The first exercise moves smoothly from the warmup. Squat jumps improve explosive power which provides the ability to take off faster and move quicker – something all athletes require. They also improve upper and lower body strength and burn calories faster than regular squats.

Then it’s time to lie down and do some scissors! Scissors exercise the core muscles – which include the rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, and the hip flexors – and glutes, quads and adductors. After a quick rest it’s straight into the full body workout that comes with burpees. The last exercise in the sequence is the plank up/down. This may look like a mini push up, but the core, glutes, arms, wrists, and shoulders are engaged at all times. It’s really important to keep the core engaged throughout the exercise. This exercise will also help your little one improve their posture.

Watch Episode Nine: 

If your child is enjoying this sequence, you can repeat it for them so they can do another if they feel up to it.

Finally, it’s time to cool down and help the temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to return to their normal levels.

Stay tuned for the final episodes of Summer Camp fit ‘n fun for little ones!

The Summer Camp sports series for children is sponsored by the Saudi Sports for All Federation and the Quality of Life Program 

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