Six benefits to working out at night

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Exercising after dark has a ton of perks

There’s a lot of buzz around getting up and seizing the day at early hours of the morning. But for those of you who perhaps prefer being up a bit later and working out later in the day (or if cranking out an early morning session simply doesn’t work for your schedule), it’s your time to shine! There are several advantages to working out in the evening, so much so that early risers may even want to consider incorporating a couple of late days into their routines.

Given the hot summer months can sap you of your energy and motivation, it’s the perfect time to try working out at night.

You get to focus
When you’re working out in the morning, you’re more likely to clock watch to make sure you’re done in time to hit sign on for work. When you work out in the afternoon you can focus on your training without constantly checking the time.

You don’t have to wait
Unlike early morning sessions that are crammed with people getting their workouts in before heading to the office, you’re going to have more luck with using the machines and weights you need. There is a good chance that if you want to ask a question or you need some assistance, people will be a lot more receptive to helping you.

You could perform better
Aside from feeling a bit groggy prior a morning workout, did you know you may not actually perform as well? In a study with 20 male participants, four markers of physical activity, including oxygen uptake and anaerobic capacity were measured and it turns out that the participants could exercise 20% harder and longer in the evening.

You won’t overeat before bed
Eating a huge meal in the evening isn’t a great idea so working out in the evening means a lighter meal before bed. This means fewer calories and less strain on your digestive system. However, you’ll need to eat enough during the day to fuel an evening workout.

You can wind down from a stressful day
As you move through the day, you’re bound to face a number of factors that will get your blood pressure up (and not in a good way). Hitting the gym after work could provide much needed release from all the frustrations, elevating your mood and helping to have a more restful night.

You’re going to get better quality sleep
The science is in – exercise can help you sleep better. But the key to exercising in the evening is to have a moderate to light workout. Doing anything too intense, like a HIIT workout, before you sleep could be counterproductive. If you need to do something more intense than, say, a short bike ride, try do it at least 90 mins before trying to get some shut eye.

If your exercise routine has hit a bit of a slump lately, perhaps exercising in the evening is just the shake up that you need. Plus, if you hate getting up early, you can enjoy a few extra minutes in bed in the morning.

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