Move To Game presents a challenge with prizes exclusively for community sports groups

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The sports community in Saudi has showed resilience as you all continue to prioritize fitness. Let’s keep motivating each other to stay active and lead a healthier life! How are we contributing? With Move To Game, jointly launched by the Saudi SFA and SAFEIS, community sports groups are invited to participate in a special challenge that begins today (May 19) and runs until midnight on May 23, 2020.

What are the rules? Only CSGs who are registered with the Saudi SFA can participate. The challenge is divided into three categories:

  • Small groups with a small numbers of members (4 to 39 members)
  • Groups with a medium number of members (40-130 members)
  • Groups with a large numbers of members (131 members or more)

How does your CSG win?

Every team member has to collect as many steps as they can. Those individual scores are then added and averaged out to give your final team score. Here’s an example: three team members collect 50000, 60000, and 70000 respectively. This 180000 is divided to give your team the score of 60,000 and then compared with all the other CSGs who entered.

Each group has to collect as many steps as they can with no ceiling. The more steps your group collects, the higher your chance to win, and the total prize amount for all categories is SR 60,000!

Now let’s see your steps – click here for the Move To Game website and get moving. Good luck to our CSGs!

Need some motivation?

Saudi sports community goes big online to show us how Baytak Nadeek is done. These athletes demonstrate how they are staying home, safe, and active! It’s very important to redirect our focus towards the positive: in launching our Baytak Nadeek campaign, we wanted to unite as a nation and motivate each other to stay active in line with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. We at the SFA have had a lot of fun building this fitness community with you!

Here are some of the most memorable moments of Baytak Nadeek with Saudi sports federations and community sports groups flexing their muscles online. Some opted for musical compilations with team members while others shared online coaching sessions. Check out a few of our favorite posts:

Saudi Tennis Federation

The Saudi Tennis Federation has a mixture of technique coaching videos as well as some at-home methods to improve your form and delivery!


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Saudi Badminton Federation

The Saudi Badminton Federation members show a number of cool ways to flex some real muscle… of dexterity, precision, and skill!


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Saudi Roll Ball

The Saudi Roll Ball take the Don’t Rush Challenge to another level in this awesome round up with some serious moves… rollin’!

Jeddah Ice Sports Club

Jeddah Eagles men and women hockey teams haven’t let the health crisis get in the way of their team spirit! Check out the both teams videos here; they had an online friendly competition and they’re both so good we aren’t sure we can pick a favorite!

Jeddah Eagles Girls Team



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Jeddah Eagles Boys Team


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Stay tuned for more incredible contributions from the Saudi sports community!

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