Introvert-friendly workouts to try once per week

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Three engaging activities you can do in the privacy of your home

Getting active seems daunting because you don’t want to put yourself out there? Often mentioned as a barrier to getting active, many people express shyness at being the newbie in a group workout setting. The good news? Some of the most engaging and challenging workouts are online!

Great trainers from a wide variety of sports give tips on form and correct execution through their YouTube channels. You’re home, and you’ve made a commitment to giving it your best shot. What are you waiting for? Hit play!

  1. Zumba

The combination of upbeat music and high energy activity has gotten people of all ages addicted to a weekly Zumba class. This medium intensity three minute session is fairly easy to follow and will help you nail down some of the basics. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, try out the longer videos to increase your stamina and endurance.

2. Yoga

This easy and light 15 minute routine is perfect for beginners. It is also great for those who are more advanced in their fitness routines but are looking for a nice session focused on stretching, strength, and mobility. Once this routine feels familiar, move on to longer videos and you’ll find these poses form the basis of many more challenging sessions. Namaste!

3. Kickboxing

This great eight minute workout video starts with a solid warmup routine and then takes you through the staple kickboxing moves. For beginners, it is a nice introduction to terms and movements like jab, cross, uppercut and hook, and for more advanced athletes it’s a great way to reinforce the basics. Once you’ve done this video a few times, you can move on to longer and more strenuous kickboxing videos!

There are thousands of options on YouTube with many more diverse and engaging activities that are easy to try in the privacy of your home. Get working at these basic moves, and as your comfort level increases, so will your confidence. Trying a new activity once per week to see which you like best is one path to developing a consistent fitness plan!

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