Four benefits of leading an active lifestyle

Active people stand to gain mental clarity and health in addition to physical plusses “You should really exercise, it’s good for you.” We come across this phrase time and time again. It’s safe to say that it has become ingrained, we do indeed know that exercise is good for us. That being said, the why […]

Introvert-friendly workouts to try once per week

Three engaging activities you can do in the privacy of your home Getting active seems daunting because you don’t want to put yourself out there? Often mentioned as a barrier to getting active, many people express shyness at being the newbie in a group workout setting. The good news? Some of the most engaging and […]

A newbie’s guide to starting a fresh workout regimen

Consistency is key to keeping yourself motivated and active You’ve heard about the many benefits of exercise. You are motivated to get active, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’ve fallen of the exercise wagon and want to get back on track. Reaping the health benefits of exercise is not as time-consuming and […]

Superfoods: fact or fiction?

Four foods endorsed by health professionals for high nutrient content and dietary value Many health professionals have cautioned against believing all the hype around so-called superfoods. What do they all agree on? That these nutrient-rich foods do have a multitude of benefits, and should be incorporated into a healthy nutrition plan. Some superfoods contain antioxidants […]