Creating a wellness program for your team

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Implementing wellness into your company structure can be done with relative ease

The importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is currently being stressed around the globe and one of the best things you can do for your team is to develop your company culture to include a wellness program.

It is a good idea to begin by conducting a needs assessment. There’s no point planning company fun runs if that’s not something your employees want to do, or if they have conditions that prevent them from doing so. Doing a survey will give you an idea of how the program will be received and the degree of information employees are willing to share. From there, liaise with your varying department heads about what is an isn’t feasible and discuss ideas, policies, and budget.

Once those perimeters have been established, there are a few ways to create a wellness culture within your organization:

Flexible work schedules
We’ve just spent months in self-isolation while working from home. If quarantine has proven anything it’s that hours behind the desk does not equal productivity. Give your team the option of working of working from home a day or two a week or flexi-hours, e.g. 7am-4pm or 9am-6pm. Accommodating your team’s work-life balance (where they can fit in that school play, parent-teacher meeting, or emergency doctor’s appointment) will pay dividends in returned productivity.

Free healthy snacks
Many companies have joined the wave of providing healthy snacks (like boxes of fruit) for the break room. Having healthier snacks on hand rather than something refined and sugary will help employees make healthier choices. It’ll also help them avoid that dreaded 3pm sugar crash!

Corporate health discounts
One of the best ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle beyond the confines of the office or working hours is to negotiate group discounts for employees at gyms, health centers or healthy product vendors. You can even negotiate preferential rates with cinemas, restaurants and salons.

Water coolers
Your office should always provide water since it is essential for optimal health. It’s not only crucial for employees to be able to drink water throughout the day, but the phrase “water cooler chat” exists for an important reason – the five minutes catching up with colleagues actually builds company culture and allows colleagues to connect on a personal level.

Stair challenges
One of the quickest ways to up your step count is to take the stairs instead of the lift, particularly if you’re only taking a couple of floors. Set a company challenge to see who can use the stairs the most or who has increased their stair usage month by month.

These are just some of many options available to make the workplace a more fun, pleasant environment and to engage with your team to encourage them to develop healthier habits to increase their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Talking to your team will help you develop practices that will get the best results.

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