It’s time to take a hike!

Information, tips, and supplies that best prepare you to explore the great outdoors If you happen to follow any Saudi outdoor enthusiasts on Instagram, you may have seen a range of photos from their recent hikes coming up on your feed, spurring fantasies of walking outdoors and adding much-needed steps to your daily count. Add […]

Maintaining your marathon endurance

You may not train at the pre-marathon level forever, but you can maintain the stamina you’ll develop If running a marathon was on the cards for you this year or you’re planning to participate in the upcoming Step Together series, chances are you kept up your training. Here are some tips to tweak your training […]

Eight benefits that children get from participating in team sports

Aside from the physical perks of staying active, taking part in team sports will greatly benefit your child mentally and emotionally There is a lot to be said for solo pursuits when it comes to physical exercise but only working out alone can be lonely and your exercise routine could get a bit a stale. […]