Eight benefits that children get from participating in team sports

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Aside from the physical perks of staying active, taking part in team sports will greatly benefit your child mentally and emotionally

There is a lot to be said for solo pursuits when it comes to physical exercise but only working out alone can be lonely and your exercise routine could get a bit a stale. This applies doubly so to kids who need regular social interaction both in and out the classroom.

Here are eight reasons why your child will benefit from joining a team sport:

Improved self-esteem
A simple pat on the back or gesture of approval go a long way to building confidence in kids. Your child will feel certain of their abilities and be encouraged to keep trying to do their best.

Better communication
Team sports put kids in a position where they have to learn to socialize and communicate effectively. With increased self-esteem and bonding with their teammates, they’ll also learn how to communicate with confidence.

When you are a part of a team, you have a responsibility to show up and take part in practices and games. This discipline will carry over into their adult life when they have to work in groups at university or projects in their careers.

Team sports teaches kids about playing by the rules as well as the consequences of not following them. Children learn to respect coaches and referees who ensure the rules are applied fairly, and even their teammates who play alongside them.

Life is sometimes unfair
On that note, sometimes penalties are awarded when kids feel they shouldn’t be. The truth is, there is one person in charge of the game and they’re not always going to make decisions your kids agree with, and there is nothing they can do to change that. But ,they can learn to tough it out and get on with the game!

Time management
When they have to manage classes, homework, practice, matches, and family time, your kids are going to have to learn to manage their tasks effectively. Discipline is a skill they have to learn for themselves and being part of a team goes a long way to help with that.

Stronger relationships
Being part of a team gives kids a sense of camaraderie and community, and they are better able to conduct themselves in social settings. Bonding with their teammates also means a better likelihood of building long-lasting friendships.

Regular exercise
This one may be the most obvious, but if you tell your child to be physically active for about an hour a day, you’re more likely to be met with more resistance than if you encouraged them to spend time with their friends where they also just happen to play a sport for a few hours.

The biggest benefit to encouraging your child to play sports is better health, because that is something you simply cannot buy. But if they can gain the added social, mental and emotional benefits from being part of a team, then they really will come out a winner.

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