Summer Camp episode 7: Today’s workout is a hop, skip, and jump!

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Episode seven of our Summer Camp series with Coach Saad takes your little one through a stretching and cardio routine to get the blood pumping and their feet moving.

Like our previous episode, Coach Saad’s warmup starts with high knees – remember, your little one needs to lift their knees to waist level to perform the moves correctly. Next, it’s time to work the arms, shoulders to build strength with bear crawls. The warmup finishes with hopping on one leg on the spot.

The workout is a sequence of three exercises that are repeated twice. For the first, grab a skipping rope and make sure there’s enough space to use it. Jumping rope is superb for an all-over workout. It not only gives the calves a good workout, it tones the rear deltoids, abdominals, quads and hamstrings.

Your little one will engage muscles from both the upper and lower body. Next, make sure there’s enough room for exercise number two – skipping, which offers similar benefits of jumping rope. The final exercise will take abdominal work to the next level – bicycle crunches. This move works the upper, lower and side abdominal muscles. As a bonus, your little one will tone their thighs as well.

Watch Episode Seven:

If your child is enjoying the sequence of this workout, you can repeat it for them so they can do another if they feel up to it.

Finally Coach Saad moves on to his easy cool down, which helps the body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to return to their normal levels, while stretching the muscles while they’re still warm can help to reduce cramps and stiffness.

Stay tuned for the next three episodes of Summer Camp fit ‘n fun for little ones!

The Summer Camp sports series for children is sponsored by the Saudi Sports for All Federation and the Quality of Life Program 

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