Make the most of your ride with this mini cycling guide for beginners

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Tips on safety and comfort for the road

Cycling is a fun way to get in some exercise and fresh air and to reduce your carbon footprint. You can ride with a group of friends to explore a new city, ride with your parents and kids for a family outing, or even ride solo to relieve a day’s stress.

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or are an eager newbie, these tips (or reminders) will help keep you safe and comfortable on your ride.

Wear a helmet Bike helmets may not be the most stylish accessory, but you should always wear one nonetheless to keep your head safe. Pick your favorite color or go with a classic black helmet. If you prefer an evening ride, get a helmet with LED lights to light your path.

Leave the headphones at home If you bike down the street or on public roads, it’s wise to leave the headphones at home. Wearing headphones can compromise a cyclist’s awareness of cars and other warnings like shouting pedestrians, barking dogs, or car doors. Plus, it’s nice to hear the ambient surroundings outdoors.

Keep your head up When cruising down the street or your driveway, always keep your head up and eyes on the road. Be mindful of pedestrians and vehicles. There may be a speedbump that blends into the street and staying aware helps to prevent incidents and prepares you for upcoming obstacles.

Find the perfect fit When purchasing or renting a bike, it is ideal to find the proper bike fit to ensure the most comfort. If you are at a local store, ask a specialist for his or her recommendations and try out bikes with different frame sizes. Or if you are ordering a bike online, use your height to find the right size (Check out this guide to help you out).

Just like with any other type of physical activity, you should remember to properly hydrate!

Give yourself a good stretch before and after your bike ride to encourage proper recovery and prevent soreness.  Click here for some tips on managing soreness after biking.

Stay safe and enjoy the ride!


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