Four Saudi SFA team members earn Baytak Nadeek rewards

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Internal incentivization reward program allows team members to log workout at home hours to earn rewards

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (Saudi SFA) is proud to announce that four team members have earned rewards from its internal incentivization program based on physical activity hours logged at home.

Developed to increase employee health, wellness and satisfaction metrics, an internal incentivization program around the Baytak Nadeek  #بيتك_ناديك campaign was created for Saudi SFA team members.

The four team members – Yasmina Benhamou, Jennifer Maloney, Zeinab Taleb, and Sara AlJawini – all work in different roles at the Saudi SFA, helping to achieve our collective goal of supporting and growing Saudi’s healthy and active community.

“We developed the internal employee incentivization program to put our own home workout program to the test. Could we actually incentivize health and wellness? Can we encourage more people to get physically fit and take work-life balance seriously?” said HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President, Saudi SFA. “The Baytak Nadeek Employee Incentivization Program is going well so far, and we’re using this as a pilot program that we hope to prepare a case study on when we have completed the testing phase potentially wider adoption.”

Shown in the video above: SFA team members during a team workout with Othman Abdullah

“I’m proud to congratulate our first four team members for their success at this and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Sports for All team take advantage of this incentivization scheme that enhances quality of life overall while rewarding positive lifestyle habits,” added Prince Khaled.

The mechanism of the Baytak Nadeek Employee Incentivization Program is simple: team members are invited to log workout hours to earn either an extra paid holiday day or a cash bonus once monthly. For every 12 hours logged of home workouts, team members could choose between a banked holiday day to be used at their discretion or a SR500 bonus. The only limits? One bonus can be availed per month and monthly logged hours could not be carried over to the next month.

Good luck to our team members, and congratulations to our first four achievers!

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