Exercise your way to better posture

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Eight health benefits to gain from a properly-aligned posture

People with good posture tend to capture attention, whether at a gym class or a dinner party. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, there is much more to proper posture than standing a little bit taller!

Energy boosts, enhanced breathing, preventative health measures? Yes, all this and more are the plusses of an improved posture. We’ve lined up eight benefits of cultivating a good, strong stance here:

  • Prevent headaches When we slouch our necks to check our phones or laptops, our poor posture can cause tension in our shoulders, back and neck. Tech neck, as many have come to call this unnatural bend of our neck, is a likely culprit of many throbbing headaches. 
  • Improved breathing Good posture opens up your chest cavity, giving our lungs more room to expand and better absorb oxygen. Increased oxygen contributes to the energy boost just mentioned. 
  • Better digestion Similar to its impact on your lungs when breathing, good posture aligns your digestive organs as well. Movement in our gastrointestinal tract can be hindered when our stomach and intestines are compressed. 
  • Increased mobility Poor posture causes excess strain on your spine and connective tissues, whether it be to compensate for muscles not active or stiffness. The maintenance of proper body alignment can keep you feeling mobile over time.

Now that you know some of the benefits of proper posture, you want ways to improve your posture. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some simple exercises and stretches that will help strengthen your core and improve your posture—no equipment needed.

For ease of explanation, click on each exercise to see a how-to video.

 Stretches to try for all experiences levels: 

Strength building for all experience levels: 

Try to incorporate some out some of these stretches and exercises into your workout regime a few times a week. Actively be aware of your posture throughout the day. You’ll start to feel difference in a few weeks. Looking for more ways to increase your mobility? Check out our stretching guide for relief after a long day of work.

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