Bond with your dad through exercise this Father’s Day

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Partner exercise routines can be the perfect way to spend time together

The pace of life can seem tremendous when we enter adulthood and we can become so wrapped up in our routines that spending time with our parents can fall by the wayside as we prioritize studies, work and friends. If you’re a dad, then you’re probably dedicating a lot of your energy towards your own children.

There are plenty of benefits to working out with a partner or a group of friends, and your dad is no different. This Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get some quality one-on-one time with your dad, and instead of making it a one-day event it could be the perfect way to embark on a new routine of seeing him regularly. Throwing exercise into the equation to create a regular fitness routine is win-win!

Here are four partner workouts for you and your dad to try that require little to no equipment:

Partner ab workout

This video features ab-focused exercises that run for about five minutes. Achievable and rewarding, it’s worth giving a try

Full body workout

This partner oriented workout activates the full body. This five minute routine can be the basis for a much longer workout, depending on the duration of time you and your dad want to work out for

Cardio and strength workout

This partner based 10 minute workout is a bit more challenging and can be great for you and dad if he’s already pretty active

Six partner exercises

These easy to follow exercises can be added to your weekly workout with dad after a light jog and just before your cool down

What if your father doesn’t work out, and doesn’t really want to?

It’s a reasonable concern for a young adult to worry about getting an older relative to start exercising with them, given the difference in fitness levels and overall strength. Aside from wanting to spend time with your dad, convince him that there are several health benefits to getting in shape in his later years.

There’s no rush, you can modify your workouts while he incorporates fitness into his daily routine at his own pace. Remember, everyone starts somewhere and as long as you move your body regularly, you’re sure to improve your overall health. Helping your father get active just offers the bonus of seeing him more regularly while you encourage him to make better life choices.

What if your dad’s already exercising a couple of times a week?

Sure, some people can become a bit set in their ways, particularly when it comes to working out (and this applies double if there’s a personal trainer involved) but if your dad is already active, ask him for a day a week that suits him so you can something together. Depending on your activity of choice, one option to consider is to sign up for an activity that you can train for and compete in together, like a cycle race or a marathon.

Whatever your (or your dad’s) fitness level, there are so many options available that will suit your needs to allow you work out together doing an activity you both enjoy, while spending some time together to build your bond and create new memories.

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