14 public and private sector entities lauded as wellness champions during the Baytak Nadeek Corporate Challenge

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Saudi’s most influential companies held supercharged home workouts

The Saudi Sports for All Federation’s (SFA) Corporate Challenge comes to a close with a bang, celebrating 14 forward-thinking public and private sector entities that took part in the Baytak Nadeek Corporate Challenge.

The corporate challenge began with the SFA’s own internal employee incentivization program. Staff members were invited to take part in Baytak Nadeek to earn rewards based on clocking home workout hours.

One live SFA team Zoom session was recorded, and later shared on Twitter accompanied by a challenge to both Riyad Bank and PepsiCo Arabia to join the corporate physical fitness program. This soon resulted in a domino effect of the country’s most influential companies taking up the gauntlet, challenging their peers to join.

The SFA, lauding these corporate champions of wellness, extends its warm thanks to PepsiCo Arabia, STC, NEOM, AMAALA, Riyad Bank, Binzagr Company, MenaBev, Qiddiya, Saudi British Bank (SABB), Fitness Time, STC Pay, Halwani Bros, The Red Sea Development Company, and NuYu.

SFA President, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal, noted that the spirit of sport can lead to positive collaborations and friendly competition across business sectors, with a view of collectively supporting the Quality of Life Program and meeting Vision 2030 goals. This additional pillar of the successful Baytak Nadeek campaign encouraged entities to create online workout sessions thereby increasing staff satisfaction and team cohesion, simultaneously conveying that health and wellness is a priority.

The Corporate Challenge builds on various other rollout phases including: Baytak Nadeek Universty Challenge exclusively for students in partnership with SUSF, Move to Donate in partnership with the Saudi Food Bank, and Move to Game in partnership with SAFEIS. Originally launched in mid-March, Baytak Nadeek provides a range of fitness programs designed for people of all abilities and ages.

Thank you to all of the public and private entities that played a role in the Corporate Challenge, helping us build our #HealthyActiveCommunity!

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