Workouts from the official Baytak Nadeek Trainers

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Five trainers from various athletic disciplines coach you from home as part of the SFA’s national wellness campaign

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is proud to build on the Baytak Nadeek (#بيتك_ناديك) program by rolling out a new phase: Official Baytak Nadeek Trainers. These trainers will connect with you online and keep us all fit and healthy during our stays at home!

Fahad Saud Fahad Al-Sahli | Instagram @Fahad_Sahli959

“Working out is not only great for the body, it is also an excellent way to fortify yourself mentally.” – Fahad 

The jump rope is a full body workout. Fahad offers step by step instructions and demonstrates the tips and tricks to get you started and improve your technique. If want to take it to the next level, don’t worry he also shares more advanced moves to get you jumping rope like a boxer.

Part One

Part Two

Abdullah Abdulbasit Abba Fallatah | Instagram @AboodFalatah

“People will start noticing that big improvements come from small steps.” – Abood 

Abdullah is sharing a killer routine to boost your upper body strength, motivating music included. He starts with a nice warm to get your upper body warm and loose. Grab a mat and go through three sets of core exercise. If you are worried about improving your pull ups during your time at home, Abdullah demonstrates how you can use a door and towel to get and stay in shape.

Najia Saleh Alfadl | Instagram @JiaAlFadl

“Creating this virtual Baytak Nadeek community helps us stay inspired for a better life.”- Najia 

If you have mastered the handstand or still remember it from your youth, Najia shares a handstand complex to work on your inversion skills. Beginners are also encouraged to participate, do what you can and substitute some of the harder sets with the modifications provided. Find a solid, empty wall and try it out.

Ahmad Al Mosabi | Instagram @Racer.KSA

“If you stop training, you stop thinking.” – Ahmad 

For his first workout of the week, Ahmad shares a full body workout: some weighted squats for your lower body and some shoulder presses for your upper body. He guides you through some burpees and plank rows for an extra challenge. Follow along with or without the extra weights. Ahmad doesn’t forget to lead you through warmups and schedule breaks to catch your breath.

Boost your chest strength and endurance with Ahmad’s workout. You’ll need a stable chair or table and a backpack if you want to add some extra weight. Warm up with three rounds of lunges, running in place and push-ups. Put on your backpack go through different variations of push-ups twice for 10 minutes before you rest up. Challenge yourself to as many burpees, mountain climbers, and chair step ups for a cardio push.

Aya Alduhaiman | Instagram @AyaFitness_

“Rather than scouring the internet for different workouts, (#بيتك_ناديك) conveniently groups different workouts in one place.”  – Aya 

Aya teaches us some yoga terminology and positions to help uplift your mood, relieve lower back pain, or increase your energy levels in the morning. She breaks down some of the fundamental yoga poses such as cat-cow pose, downward dog, child’s pose, and pigeon pose. Follow along Aya’s routine (Click here for Aya’s saved story highlight) and make sure to hold each position for 10 breaths.


“The SFA, collaborating with our Baytak Nadeek Trainers, reaches out to each and every one of you with this latest phase of our National program to keep you active at home and to keep us all closely connected online,” said SFA President, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, congratulating the five trainers on their commitment to health in Saudi Arabia. Join our five trainers on their Instagram accounts and truly transform this period into an opportunity for health and wellness! #بيتك_ناديك

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