Sports for All Federation app adds fitness tracker integration and self-challenges to its features, and expands the SFA Rewards program

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Fitness devices such as Apple Watch, Google Fit and Fitbit can be synced with the SFA App, allowing users to track their fitness progress

The Saudi Sports for All Federation has made it even easier for the Kingdom’s active community to stay fit and healthy with the launch of the latest version of its SFA App, featuring Fitness Tracker Integration, Self-Challenges, and the expansion of the SFA Rewards Program.

Users can now connect their Apple Watch, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Samsung Health fitness tracker devices to the upgraded SFA App, giving them access to a wider range of in-app capabilities, including joining SFA public challenges, creating their own challenges, and tracking their progress in both.

By introducing self-challenges, the app puts the power of fitness even more firmly into people’s hands, allowing users to set and track daily goals of their choosing, including a minimum daily target of 6,000 steps.

A dedicated self-challenges page makes it easy to stay on top of your goals, featuring a challenge calendar and reminders function, which eliminate the risk of losing track of your plans.

The new version of the app also makes it easier for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to make the most of challenges set by the SFA, allowing them to explore the range of challenges, read more information about each of them, join them once connected to the fitness tracker.

Users can also view their daily and overall progress with each of their selected challenges and keep tabs on their current ranking on the challenge leaderboard, as well as share the challenges with friends. Each user can join up to three challenges per month.

SFA points are also on offer to users who connect their fitness tracker device to the app, with further points available for completing daily self-challenge targets and completing SFA challenge targets.

The SFA Rewards Program was launched in October, giving users the opportunity to win prizes by collecting points for performing various activities on the app. Monthly winners are announced by the Federation, with five winners taken from the challenges leaderboard, and five more drawn from a raffle, meaning every user has the potential to win.

Points are also awarded to users who invite friends to download the SFA App, create groups, create Community Sports Group events, and more – including simply logging in each day.

The update to the app is the latest part of the SFA’s digitization journey, which has already seen the successful launch of its Healthy Living Portal in March last year, alongside other initiatives supported by its key partners, the Ministry of Sports and Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee.

“The digital push by the Sports for All Federation is the latest in our many community outreach efforts,” said HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, President of the SFA.

“In this latest rollout, we have included functions that will help people engage their family and friends, and we’re hoping this chain reaction of wellness becomes a habit through empowered app users.”

Under Vision 2030’s Quality of Life program, digitizing the sports sector is key to facilitating inclusive physical fitness opportunities for all – a central pillar of the SFA’s mandate to increase physical activity levels across the population from 13% in 2015 to 40% by 2030.

A beta version of the app was launched across Android and iOS platforms in July last year, with the SFA committed to regularly growing its capabilities and offerings as it continues to make health and fitness more easily accessible for people no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

“The latest additions to the SFA App represent the next step for the Kingdom’s active population, bring more engagement, more support, more autonomy, and more fun than ever before,” said Osamah Saleh Alnuaiser, SFA’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

“Working closely with the Ministry of Sports, the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, and the Quality of Life program, the Sports for All Federation is dedicated to ensuring health and fitness are made easy and accessible to everybody across the country. With these enhancements, the app is doing just that; connecting people to their fitness goals, their friends and family, and their well-deserved sense of achievement.”

Android: Click here to download the Sports for All app

iOS: Click here to download the Sports for All app

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