Mommy and Me fitness for Mother’s Day!

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Workout with your children at home to build bonds that last a lifetime

Working out with your child at home is a rewarding experience that allows your little one to bond with you while staying fit and active. It also gives you a shared special time together that cultivates mutual interests and hobbies.

A family’s generational love of health and wellness is easy to build; you love to stay active and you can coach this positive love of fitness in your child, too! Try these fun and easy Mommy and Me workouts this Mother’s Day – no equipment required. What better way to celebrate?

Mommy and Me cardio dance

Mommy and Me fitness with warmup


Mommy and Me yoga with baby

Get creative! Once you get the hang of a few mommy and me workouts, choose the music you like best and hit the mat together.

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at the Saudi Sports for All Federation!

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