Make the most of your workouts at home with DIY equipment

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

You’ve made the commitment to start working out, good for you! Whether you choose to commit for the first time or want to reprioritize your fitness after an extended break, taking that first step can be intimidating.

Going to the gym is not for everybody, and the good news is that getting fit does not require a membership. Even if you have a small space, no equipment or very little time, you can get it in shape from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to warm up before your workout and stretch out after to protect from injuries and ensure proper muscle recovery.

Work with what you have 

Much of the fancy gym equipment can be simulated with commonly found household items. Simple and cost effective? You bet! Check out our examples:

Get in some cardio running up and down the stairs or doing sprints down a hallway.


No weights? No problem! Do some bicep curls using bottled water, canned foods, or a jug of orange juice as weights. Dumbbells can also be replaced with a bag of onions, potatoes or flour.

Want heavier weights? Parents who would like to increase the challenge can engage with their children as bodyweights (like during Mommy and Me Yoga).

Grab some hand towels and use them as gliders to get a full body workout. You can use towels for mountain climbers, lunges, and even to help you stretch. Use a broom to help improve your shoulder mobility.

Pull up a sturdy chair for your triceps dips and leg raises – ensure to test it first to make sure it is the right fit for these types of activities.


Stream workouts online

Stream free workouts on your computer or cast to your TV. Many world-renowned trainers have uploaded their workouts on YouTube for anyone to try out; we’ve shared some of our favorites here and here).

Log onto your favorite social media platforms, many fitness accounts share new exercises and fitness tips on a regular basis.

Check out #بيتك_ناديك on social media to share your home workouts with us or to get inspired by how others are getting fit at home.

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