Introducing Basketball at the GGWCUP Saudi Arabia 2022

We are thrilled to announce Basketball as a new edition to the Global Goals World Cup concept.

During the first GGWCUP Saudi Arabia in 2021, players from different community sports groups and basketball teams and referees participated in the tournament. They were amazed by the power of the point system, the football team’s energy and actions for the Global Goals.

Saudi Sport For All Federation continues their commitment of enabling and empowering women across the Kingdom through sports and are thrilled to announce the first ever edition of basketball within GGWCUP Saudi Arabia 2022.

Basketball tournament design

The basketball tournament design is similar to the football tournament design and integrates the GGWCUP point system. The Teams interested in participating must choose one of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the theme they will highlight through the creation of a community initiative by choosing one of the 17 United Nations’ Global Goals.


Learn more about the GGWCUP Point System


Rules of the 3X3 Basketball Tournament that has new rules developed for GGWCUP 2022:

  • 5 players on the team, including 1 team captain or coach.

  • 10 minutes is the full game.

  • 12-second attack rule is counted
  • No fouls unless someone is making a very aggressive move. The referee can stop the game and give the ball to the other team.
  • If all the participating teams are good basketball players, we will bring all the rules back in the final stage of the game
  • The tournament design will be the same as football. Groups in the first stage. Then knock outs in the final stage.



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