Get to know the many variations of the plank position

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This ab-toner is a workout all on its own!

Flashback to 2011: you may remember the plank challenge (or the lying down game as it was also referred to) that took the internet by storm. Recently, this challenge has been revived online and it works perfectly for Baytak Nadeek!

For those of us who regularly like to switch up our workouts, planks seem to continue to pop up. From a meditative yoga class, to CrossFit training, to Pilates, and even at your local bootcamp, planks are always somehow incorporated.

Planks, considered one the easiest and most effective ways to strengthen your core, also improve stability, enhance endurance, and protect against back injuries. These are just a few reasons why this position is a staple in any athlete’s agenda.

Aside from the classic plank, we’ve lined up a few of the variations of this ab-burner.

Mountain Climbers


Forearm to full plank

Side plank

Reverse plank

Spiderman plank

Plank with alternating knee to elbow

Plank with opposite limb extensions

Plank jacks

Plank shoulder taps

Plank pikes


Want to take it up a notch? Try to run through some of these variations, like the plank jacks, mountain climbers or shoulder taps more quickly for 30 seconds or so. And if you have a Swiss ball or gliders (or check out our article for DIY alternatives here) handy, use them to up the ante when doing plank pikes. Looking to incorporate weights in? Do your rows whilst in plank position for a shoulder and core burn.

Just a reminder: always warm up properly before any workout. Warmups like jogging in place for a few minutes, and some easy stretches help to prevent injury.

Remember to never compromise proper form. Get creative, challenge yourself, and master that plank!

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