A workout partner could be what you’re missing

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Four benefits to having a workout buddy

While there’s a lot to be said for doing your fitness regimen alone – for one thing it’s great alone time – there are several benefits to reaching out to a friend to buddy up on workouts. From motivation to success rates and safety, there are a ton of reasons to pair up with a friend or family member to keep your physical activity routine fresh!

Here are four reasons that your next workout session should be as a duo:

1. Accountability and success rates

This is especially true on those days you just don’t you just don’t feel like hitting the gym or going for a run, a workout partner will keep you accountable. It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise when you’re going it alone, but we feel more guilty about not keeping our promises to other people. Having to show up regularly (no slacking!) means you’re likely to reach your goals faster as well. Result!

This doesn’t only apply to visits to the gym, but also visits to the kitchen. Having a workout buddy will make you more likely to stay on track with healthy eating habits, which is a big part achieving your fitness goals.

2. Enjoyment and motivation

Your workout buddy can also help to keep your workouts fun. Working out alone sometimes feels lonely, and having someone to share the good and the bad times can help get you through those workouts that feel especially tough. One study found that having a workout buddy meant that adults actually enjoyed working out more.

3. Safety and mindfulness

Workout partners can also keep our workouts safer. The mirror will only show you so much, but having a regular spotter for the weights section will help ensure you work out safely by watching your form to help prevent any injuries. A great workout buddy also reminds you to know your limits, and be proactive about responsible fitness frequency and duration of sessions.

4. Keeping it interesting and having healthy competition

Having a partner will help prevent your workouts from getting dull and repetitive by keeping your workout fresh because you’ll both have new ideas on how to keep it interesting. You’re less likely to get stuck in the same old routine and have your fitness plateau by trying new classes or programs for a bit of variety. One study even found that working out with a friend helped participants feel less stressed.

A bit of healthy competition with your workout partner can boost your enjoyment levels immensely. Whether it’s lifting a bit more weight or running that little bit longer, working out with someone will guarantee that you don’t fall behind in your workout, and you’re able to push yourself just a little bit further each time.

There will be days where you need that little bit of extra encouragement to do that final set or complete that 30 minutes of activity. There’s something about having someone shoulder to shoulder with you reminding you that you can do it!

Developing your fit and healthy lifestyle is a journey that takes work and dedication. All the better if you have someone willing to do it with you each step of the way!

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