Workouts from the official Baytak Nadeek Trainers Part II

Five trainers from various athletic disciplines coach you from home as part of the SFA’s national wellness campaign The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is proud to build on the Baytak Nadeek (#بيتك_ناديك) program by rolling out a new phase: Official Baytak Nadeek Trainers. These trainers will connect with you online and keep us […]

Four healthy options to keep you energized during Ramadan

Incorporate fruits and vegetables into your Iftar While most people typically break their fast with some dates, the food to follow varies from culture to culture. Lugeemat, fried samosas, soup, coffee, and artificially sweetened beverages are iftar staples in many Saudi households. However, these delicious delicacies we have come to associate with Ramadan are not […]

Tips on warming up before your workout

Taking a few minutes to warm up your muscles before your workout helps protect from injury While you may be excited to get right into your workout or you are in a time crunch, it is important not to neglect your warmup. Simply put, a warmup helps your body prepare for physical activity. Health professionals […]