Summer Camp episode 5: This episode with Coach Saad is all about heart!

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We’re halfway into the Summer Camp series and episode five with Coach Saad starts his 20-minute workout with his warmup and stretching sequence. Make sure your little ones follow along to avoid any injuries during the workout.

His first sequence is three routines repeated once. He starts with high knees. A bit more demanding than running on the spot, they get the heartrate up while engaging the core and strengthening all the muscles in the legs. It also improves momentum and flexibility. Next, hit the floor with bear crawls to exercise the arms, shoulders and chest. After that, it’s time for your little one hop on one leg on the spot, developing their balance and co-ordination.

Coach Saad starts his next sequence with in-outs. Like running on the spot, this exercise requires alternating swinging your legs forwards and backwards without lifting your feet too much off the floor and keeping the heart rate up. The next workout is squats, a firm favorite in gyms for good reason. Squats strengthen the core and the muscles in the lower body, which helps to prevent injury for the rest of the workout or during sports. The sequence is repeated once.

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He follows with another sequence of in-outs, only this time the move is modified where your little one will face forward and perform jumping jacks without using their arms. You will need a demarcated shape on the floor – tape will do – so your child can follow the steps and jump in and out of the shape. They will need this guide for the next exercise – side-to-side – where they use both legs to jump in and out of the shape on the floor. The third exercise will have them using both legs to jump in an out of the shape in a front and back direction.

Finally, it’s time to cool down and help the temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to return to their normal levels.

Stay tuned for the next five episodes of Summer Camp fit ‘n fun for little ones!

The Summer Camp sports series for children is sponsored by the Saudi Sports for All Federation and the Quality of Life Program 

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