Lama Basri

Lama Basri is a sports physical therapist specializing in performance enhancement and injury prevention. She is passionate about empowering female athletes in Saudi Arabia, and her vision is to establish female Saudi national teams in all sports in the kingdom.

Lama holds an MSc degree in Motion Analysis and Motor Control and is a board member of the Educational Committee for the Saudi Federation of Sports Medicine. She has achieved several notable accomplishments in her career; in 2018, she became the first Saudi female to represent a medical team abroad at the Asian Games and represented her country in the GCC Women’s Futsal Cup in 2019. Furthermore, Lama made history by being the first female physical therapist to be included in the medical team for the Futsal national team in 2019 and the national football team in 2021.

Lama’s exceptional skills and experience have earned her a place in the medical team at Tokyo Olympics 2020. In addition to her impressive work in sports, Lama is also involved with the Ittihad women’s football club, where she works to support and enhance their performance.