SFA invites walking enthusiasts from across Jeddah to participate in the Heraa Mall Challenge

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Participants in the event will walk the Heraa Mall steps and have the opportunity to win a range of prizes

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is inviting sports enthusiasts to take on the challenge of walking and completing the steps at Jeddah’s popular Heraa Mall. The event, which begins on December 23rd and lasts for approximately four months, is open to everyone, regardless of skill level or age.

This walking challenge is the first event of its kind in the Kingdom and will see participants walk a long distance in an effort to motivate members of society to adopt healthier habits and engage in daily fitness activities. This initiative aligns closely with the SFA’s objectives to build a healthier society and enhance the lives of Saudi citizens. Valuable prizes, ranging from 3 to 10 vouchers, will be drawn upon completion of the number of steps required in this challenge.

Winners will compete have the opportunity to win a range of prizes in the form of vouchers.

Those interested in taking part can download the official SFA application, which will enable users to participate in the challenge by scanning a QR code. The participants will be required to finish the long walk while inside of the mall, and if unable to complete the challenge, will be logged off the application automatically.

This initiative aligns with Saudi Vision 2030, as well as the Quality-of-Life Program, and reflects SFA’s commitment to improving lives and empowering Saudi citizens to engage in regular activity – while raising the nation’s levels of physical activity.

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