SFA and Anghami partner up to make your workouts even more fun

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The mood-boosting benefits of music are researched and documented, so it stands to reason that the right playlist can only take your workout from perfunctory to pumped

A simple look around the gym will see most users with the same basic checklist: water bottle, towel, the right gear, and headphones. For some, their headphones are arguably the most important item and it has everything to do with boosting their performance. In fact, one 2014 survey found a staggering 66% of participants would skip their work out altogether if they didn’t have their headphones.

So, why the emphasis on including music in your workouts? Well, apart from the rush of feel-good hormones that race into your brain, it can improve your output by acting as a distractor, which put simply, means it moderates your pain levels during a workout because you’re focusing on (and synchronizing your movements with) the beat of the music. This results in a marked increase in your distance run, the pace you do it, or the number reps you are able to complete. An after effect of this is lowered fatigue.
The Saudi Sports For All Federation (SFA) understands the importance of the right playlist to get the most of your workout, and as such has partnered with Anghami to make sure you have the perfect playlist, regardless of your workout!

HIIT up the beats

Crank up the volume and break out in a sweat with HIIT Workout 140 BPM that does exactly what it says. Each track runs at 140 beats per minute (BPM), music that increases motivation and boosts performance. If you don’t need something quite so frenetic to keep you focused try Anghami’s Arabic EDM Workout – soothing enough to keep you in the zone, upbeat enough to keep you going longer than you thought you could.

Rock out by decade

For some, a workout isn’t only about crucial physical self-care, it’s one of the few times that allows for basking in musical nostalgia. If you want to cast your mind back to a different time of your life and your music of choice hails from the swinging 60s, the classic 70s, the electric 80s, or the grungy 90s, Anghami has you covered with a collection of all the best hits by era.

Dance it out

If eking out reps in the weights room or clocking miles on the treadmill is not your thing, you can always dance. It’s fun, you laugh, you improve your balance and coordination in new ways, and you get heart rate up and a solid sweat on. Turn up the volume on a Latin party or a belly dance work out and get moving.

Find your bliss

On the days when you’re taking it gently and you want to try something with less impact like yoga or you’re doing gentle stretching on your off day, you’ll need Music to Calm the Mind and Spirit to help you relax and get into your flow. If you’re looking to include your kids, there’s a playlist for them too.

Ultimately, if you’ve got a workout planned, Anghami has a playlist to suit your needs, giving you yet another great reason to head to the gym – to experience the ultimate combination of getting healthy while listening to your favorite tracks all in one place.

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