Saudi Sports for All Federation pioneers sports sector digital transformation with beta launch of mobile app

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  • Mobile app rollout is part of wider SFA digitization strategy
  • Request for Support portal activated to facilitate community sports group successes and contribute to the local sports economy allowing startups and SMEs to enjoy smoother event planning processes
  • First leg of SFA digitization strategy activated in March 2020 with a rich database of material in its Healthy Living portal

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) today announced the launch of its first mobile application in beta version across Android and iOS platforms. The launch of the app, part of the Federation’s wider digitization strategy, marks the second benchmark met in terms of facilitating community level sports participation through technology. As part of the Quality of Life program under Vision 2030, digitizing the sports sector allows for inclusive physical fitness opportunities for all, perpetuating the SFA’s dedication to launching the mobile app and implementing its full digital transformation.

The first benchmark of the digital roadmap was the execution and launch of the SFA’s Healthy Living portal in mid-March of this year alongside other initiatives supported by the Ministry of Sports and Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee. A rich database of material focusing on making wellness accessible to all, the Healthy Living portal takes a holistic approach that addresses physical fitness and activities, conscientious nutrition choices and information, general well-being tactics and advice, and more suggestions on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle through easy and achievable action plans.

Federation President, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, noted that as the first sports entity in the country to release a dedicated mobile application targeting participation, there was a great deal of opportunity to enhance user experience making it the go-to solution for people across Saudi.

“The digitization of the sector is a Sports for All project that I participated in heavily, simply because I believe that technology is the great equalizer, enabling everyone to take advantage of physical activity opportunities. The SFA mobile app will allow more people than ever to access real-time information on health and wellness, events for all fitness levels and how they can participate, and facilitate the success and growth of our community sports groups,” said Prince Khaled.

“One of the most important aspects of this app is that it will allow startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to enjoy smoother event-planning processes, thereby shoring up and further contributing to the local sports economy. This is a huge step forward, and we are excited to continue building on this second benchmark in our digital transformation,” Prince Khaled continued.

Commending the SFA team for its detailed execution, Prince Khaled spotlighted Director of Marketing and Communications Mr. Osamah Saleh Alnuaiser for spearheading the Federation’s digital transformation drive. This move is in line with Saudi Arabia’s ambitions of larger-scale digitization and is one’s the Federation’s many endeavors in this space.

“We are proud to roll out the beta version of the SFA app for download across both Apple and Google Play app stores. In this launch version, community sports group (CSG) leaders are granted special permissions that enable CSG creation and management, sharing and invitation of audiences to encourage mass event participation, the discovery of other CSGs and community sporting events, all with useful search and filtration options,” explained Mr. Alnuaiser, addressing the functions and services the SFA app provides.

“We have a number of areas in the works which will be rolled out in later iterations of the app, so we encourage our users to watch for updates. In this version, our News and Healthy Living portals are already integrated, information on the SFA itself, and contact functions are all ready to go,” he added.

One perk sure to appeal to app users is the integration of all digital fitness tracking formats, allowing for a full circle consumer experience, expected to go live in December. The SFA anticipates having additional pillars integrated into the app by the end of the year.

The first is focused on public and private sector entities with a dedicated functionality around fitness in the work environment and activating staff members. The second is gamification paired with a loyalty program schema to further motivate users, including badges and point systems in addition to partners with benefits like exclusive discounts and other perks. The third pillar will be around event management such as registering for events with ticketing functions, and more. A volunteering segment will also be incorporated at a later date, as will a coach management feature allowing for consolidation and communication with the country’s sports experts and trainers.

Android: Click here to download the Sports for All app

iOS: Click here to download the Sports for All app

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