Four reasons to give green tea a try

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Switch up your morning beverage for this healthier option

On the quest to live a healthier lifestyle, you’ve likely gone down the Google rabbit hole searching for the best exercise habits or nutrition plans. We’ve all been there. Amongst the articles and first-hand reviews, countless lists address foods or beverages that we should incorporate into our diets and many of them tout green tea as a health jackpot.

While there are several benefits from regularly incorporating green tea into our diets, it’s crucial to be mindful of when and how much we consume. Those who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid drinking green tea later in the day, and like everything else, moderation is key.

Do you take iron supplements? Avoid drinking green tea close to the time that you take your supplements as the two don’t mix well. When the compounds in green tea bind to iron, it interferes with our body’s absorption of iron and reduces the antioxidant properties of green tea.

What makes green tea healthier than black tea? 

During the process of making black tea, leaves are left to oxidize during fermentation (hence the color and flavor). The preparation of green tea bypasses the fermentation process, and as a result it retains more antioxidants and flavonoids. These substances give green tea its nutritional boost.

Four benefits of green tea

It helps protect from chronic illnesses! The antioxidant content in green tea helps protect our bodies from oxidative damage and inflammation. Some studies have found that green tea drinkers are less likely to develop cancers, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease; however more research and evidence are required to support these claims concretely. Experts have also linked green tea to improved cholesterol levels.

Green tea supports higher energy and alertness levels. Feel jittery from your morning cup of coffee? Green tea might be a great alternative. It has lower caffeine levels than traditional coffee, and the amino acid L-theanine present in green tea has been found to reduce anxiety. The combination of the two boost your energy levels and keep them stable. Try some matcha tea if you want an extra caffeine kick!

It can boost your metabolism, and is frequently associated with weight loss. Some studies have found that green tea can boost metabolism by up to 5%. How? It mobilizes fat tissue stored in our bodies for use as an energy source, which may increase fat burning.

Green tea promotes oral health. Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of catechin (bioactive compounds found in green tea) can repress the growth of bacteria, which in turn works to ward off bad breath! When shopping for mouthwash, consider an option with green tea extract.

There are many different varieties of green tea to accommodate diverse taste palettes: sencha, matcha, genmaicha, and more. Experiment to find your perfect match, pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

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