Five ways to make indoor cycling more interesting

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Tips on riding inside for biking enthusiasts with a guide to indoor trainers

Whether it is a better fit for your schedule, or the weather is keeping you inside for longer, indoor cycling on a stationary bike is a great alternative if you’re unable to hit the road. However, staying in one spot can get a bit monotonous, meaning your enthusiasm may taper off or you might even end your workout early out of sheer boredom.  First, let’s talk equipment, outlined in the visual below.

And now, here are a few things you can do to keep an indoor cycling workout interesting:

Set up your space

Set up your bike so you can leave it one spot, ready for use. If you have to move it around every time you want to exercise, you may find it somewhat demotivating, and eventually you could decide you can’t be bothered. This indoor cycling space should have other things that make it feel more fitness-friendly, like small towels.

Get a fan

One of the perks of cycling outdoors is feeling the rush of air on your face and when working out indoors the lack of it is only too obvious. Set up a fan so the air will hit your face and torso. Not only will this give you the feeling of movement, but it will also help regulate your core temperature and prevent you from overheating.

Plug in your playlist

If you’re determined to get your heart rate up during an intense session, grab your headphones and lose yourself in a smashing playlist that will keep you going for the duration. The right music can even go as far as boosting your mood and increasing your stamina.

Catch up on Netflix

If you’re trying to keep up the latest episodes of your favourite show – or, let’s be honest just trying to binge an old favorite – scheduling your workouts so you can watch an episode or two while you ride may just be the time-saving solution you need. Who said you can’t do two things at once?

Make it a virtual group effort

Another way to stave off the boredom of cycling alone at home is to change it up and compete virtually with friends and family who cycle. There’s something about sweating in solidarity with friends that makes the whole thing slightly less painful and a lot more fun. Why not try a virtual trainer? Get your friends involved and train together. You’ll be able to see how each of you are performing and enjoy a bit of healthy competition, right from your living room. Many apps will allow you track your heart rate and other data as well, which will give you an idea of your overall performance.

Whatever your reason for cycling indoors, these tips will help make it exciting so you can enjoy the full benefits of the workout while staying motivated on your fitness journey.

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