Fitness expert and entrepreneur Yasmine Hassan appointed as official Saudi SFA Ambassador and Baytak Nadeek Trainer

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The Saudi Sports for All Federation announced the appointment of fitness expert Yasmine Hassan to its official Ambassador program and as a Baytak Nadeek Trainer

Yasmine, with extensive education in physiology and physicality, is emphatic about the individualistic nature of physical fitness. “I am fascinated by the human body! The more I learn in that field the more I understand how unique every individual is and no two humans will have the same prescription to reach their goals – even if they have the same goal,” she said.

Yasmine’s journey to a career in fitness began after she completed her formal studies. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Design she soon found herself more inclined toward the health and wellness sector: “After graduating, I realized that all I really wanted to do was be active and workout. I decided to change directions and merge my passion for fitness with my passion for design – designing bodies instead of buildings,” she explained. “Initially I wanted to train myself, and people would approach me to ask for advice and to train alongside. I was then certain God was sending me a sign to pursue this career.”

Yasmine boasts a number of official certifications in various health and wellness segments. Her educational background in the physical activity sector includes ISSA Sports & Conditioning Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer, Injury REHAB Trainer, CrossFit Certified L1 & L2 Trainer, CrossFit specialty courses (in weightlifting, gymnastics, and judging), Opex CCP1 (in program design, nutrition, movement assessment, and lifestyle and behavior), and she is currently in the process of completing a Precision Nutrition Level 1 course!


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Having been active for 17 consecutive years, Yasmine says that her career fulfills her purpose of “wanting to teach learn and move and create every single day.” Her immediate goals? “To collaborate with entities like the Saudi SFA where I can continue to grow and improve myself both personally and professionally. I enjoy challenges and look forward to opportunities where I will be able to assume more responsibilities, share my experience, and gain more knowledge regarding the health and fitness field.” She noted that she also embraces the opportunity to act as a mentor for others in her field.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Yasmine is seeking to develop and grow her local gym brand, SBTRCT, through market segmentation to reach a wider audience within the community. Yasmine’s plans for SBTRCT have several business verticals and potential applications: “Eventually, I’d like to take SBTRCT to schools and universities by offering turnkey solutions. My plans include designing fitness facilities, establishing training programs, and training the trainers’ educational courses. This will ensure health and fitness is delivered in a fun and safe manner in schools and universities across Saudi.”

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