Eight-part Step Together series draws to a close with 42 km challenge as the nation prepares for Riyadh Marathon

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The Step Together series saw more than 26,000 people of 107 different nationalities take part in eight challenges across nine months


The final event in the Saudi Sports for All Federation’s eight-part Step Together series successfully concluded, which was unfolded through a nine month period event and has united Saudi Arabia’s eclectic fitness community while primed the Kingdom for the first-ever Riyadh full Marathon in March.

The eight-part series was launched in April on the back of four prior Step Together events in 2020 and early 2021 and closed with the final chapter in December, drawing more than 26,000 participants from 107 different nationalities across the eight challenges.

The SFA invited and encouraged people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and genders to take part in the series, challenging participants to run or walk certain distances within certain time frames for each event. Commemorative medals were created for each of the eight editions, which, when placed together, create a map of Saudi Arabia at their center.

Every leg of the series was based around a special theme or notable day, with the first being based around Ramadan, from April 13 – May 2. Part two took place between June 3-12 and was tied to World Environment Day, while part three took place between July 30-31 in honor of the International Day of Friendship.

International Youth Day framed part four, from August 11-15, and part five – held between September 18-27 – celebrated Saudi National Day, which falls on September 23.

Part six ran from October 7-21 for Breast Cancer Awareness, and part seven took place from November 11-20 for World Diabetes Day. The eighth and final part was held between December 16-25 for International Human Solidarity Day.

The final edition challenged adults to run a full marathon of 42.2 km, with children challenged to run 10 km – a precursor to the inaugural Riyadh Marathon which is scheduled to take place on March 5 2022.

“This remarkable eight-part series has been a huge triumph, and not only shown the popularity of walking and running, but the drive of every one of its participants in wanting to make Saudi Arabia a fitter, healthier nation,” said the SFA President, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud.

“To see so many thousands of people taking part, and of so many different ages and nationalities, is genuinely heartwarming and proof that the Kingdom’s fitness community is stronger than ever. We

are excited to build on this momentum as we approach the Riyadh Marathon, which will be a major highlight in the country’s 2022 calendar.” Prince Khaled added.

Hosted by the SFA with the support of the Ministry of Sport, the Riyadh Marathon will be the Kingdom’s first full marathon and enhance its position as a leading global sports destination. The 42.2 km course will start from King Saud University and continue through the city of Riyadh, allowing participants to explore the attractions of the capital city. There will also be a 21.1 km half-marathon, a 10 km race for those aged 17 and above, and a 4 km race for beginners and children.


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