Day 3 of the Mummy and Me workout series with Coach Haya Sawan really tests your strength

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Coach Haya starts the workout with a fun activity that is a little bit competitive which your little one is sure to enjoy.

The first exercise is high five jumping jacks which include several variations if your little one can’t quite get their arms and legs to cooperate. Repeat for one minute.

Move onto your side, lifting your legs and arms and alternate swinging your legs forwards and back. This will really work your core and help you to improve your posture and overall strength. If that pose is too challenging, Coach Haya demonstrates modifications to make the move more bearable. Remember to keep your abs engaged throughout. Your core remains the focus as you roll onto your back for traditional crunches. Each time you sit up, punch the air in front of you before lowering yourself back down. Have your little one in front of you so you can do the moves together. If the move is too difficult, have your child remain sitting and only punch the air as you come up.

Next, get your heart pumping with high knees. These will build you stamina as well as overall balance and coordination. From here you’ll move into the final exercise – the long jump. Using both feet propel yourself forward as far as you can. Get your kids to see who can go the furthest! As you land, drop into a squat before standing back up to really work all the major muscles in your lower body. If you don’t have the space, instead of jumping forwards, see who can jump the highest.

Finally, cool down with a series of stretches to finish the workout and avoid any muscle strain.

The Mummy and Me three-episode workout series was performed live for the Women’s Fitness Festival staged by the Saudi Sports for All Federation and supported by the Quality of Life program

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