Being a team player: “We are all responsible”

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Saudi Ministries of Health and Media work to remind us that we are all accountable

Building on our efforts with Baytak Nadeek, the Saudi Sports for All Federation is proud to share this animated video highlighting the importance of social distancing, staying home, and the dynamics of individual and group accountability.

The video culminates in the Saudi Ministries of Health and Media’s “we are all responsible” artwork. Our logo begins with social distancing and accompanying locked door sounds; echoing two of the most important tenets of the Government’s health messaging.

The Saudi online sports community is more active than ever (click here to see more details on that), sharing various types of tips and health-related information. SFA President HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud shared a letter online urging everyone to take care of one another – those you know and those you don’t know –  by connecting over social channels.

Team dynamics are a one for all and all for one type of strategy; here at the SFA, we’ll do our part. Visit the #بيتك_ناديك hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to see people from all over Saudi Arabia posting their home workouts, and get inspired!

Healthy Living is a frequently updated content section brought to you by the Saudi Sports for All Federation. In the spirit of supporting our #HealthyActiveCommunity, we’re sharing tips around wellness, physical activity and more!

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