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To inspire and promote a healthy and nutrient lifestyle to all members of society through physical activity.


Drive regular physical participation in sports and physical activity through facilitation, enablement, promotion and investment.


Increase to 40% of the population participating in physical activity at least once per week, that is under the 2030 Saudi Vision and specifically the Quality of Life Program, an objective towards Ministry of Sports in where the contributor to achieving this objective is Sports for All.

Our Objectives

Drive physical activity through developing the outdoor landscape, providing a range of accessible places and creating a network of sports professionals and volunteers through:

Creating and supporting partnerships that will increase mass physical participation

Building a thriving network of delivery partners (CSGs, federations, SFA offices)

Educating and raising awareness of physical activity benefits

Fully utilising existing facilities to encourage physical activity

Promoting a wide range of sports through programmes, events and competitions

Being the insights center for sports and physical activity in Saudi Arabia

What Is the SFA Role?

Sports for All (SFA) is committed to achieving the Ministry of Sports goals under the KSA Vision 2030, driving physical participation through endorsing, enabling, activating and promoting.


Declare public support of events and programmes delivered by external partners


Give external partners the necessary means to run their activities smoothly


Create or organize own events and programmes


Promote sports through programmes, events and competitions