A message from our President to our healthy active community

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The last time I wrote to you, it was to tell you how much you inspired me, the entire SFA team, and people across Saudi, with your ceaseless optimism, positivity, and superior commitment to health, wellness, and physical activity.

This time, half way through 2020, I write to you because I want you to know what you, as a community, have done.

We have asked, and you have answered.

I knew we would power through this together, but you blew any expectations out of the water with your community spirit and your dedication to motivating people all over the country by celebrating all wins small and large.

For Move to Game, you’re going for the 10 billion steps – a startling and awe-inspiring amount! You’ve invited your friends, your family members, and your colleagues. You got up and got active, and you got them to join you. Watching the numbers grow was shocking, really, as you all took up the same call to action: get moving for a healthier, stronger nation.

For Step Together, you’ve registered yourselves and your children. This time spent together not only fosters bonds that will last a lifetime, it is showing the world that our family values include health as a rewarding and worthwhile pillar. I’ve seen social media posts of children as young as two years old, and this inspired me to get up and start running. We wanted all abilities and all ages to Step Together for Saudi, and again, you have done that and more!

Every program, every call to action, you have shown what we can do united and pushing forward together.

For those of you who have yet to participate with us, we can’t wait for you to join our National movement.

The next six months are going to be pivotal; we need to keep going. We have many things planned for you, and we can’t wait to see you take it to the next level.

Eid Mubarak to you and your families.

Your Brother,

Khaled bin Alwaleed


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